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Courteous Driver is a full monitoring incentive program to keep your driver safe on the road and incentivized to participate. Our app is available on both iOS and Android.

The app is designed to give you peace of mind knowing your driver is safe on the road, while assisting your teen or adult driver be distraction free.


On top of the mobile app, each driver will receive a bumper sticker with their unique identification number. Allowing the public to send us reports on your drivers behaviors on the road.


With a smartphone, upon registration of the Courteous Driver program, and downloading the app, your teen driver location is monitored. You, the parent can view your teen’s location and will receive instant reports plus a monthly summary based on the monitoring reports from public observations. Those reports are received by Courteous Driver through bumper sticker call ins by way of a 1-888 number for immediate response. Or through our Courteous Driver instant reporting mobile application.


Good driving behavior and skills are rewarded with incentives. Drivers get reports. Good reports earn the driver with points. Those points are then used to redeem..

  • Restaurant Vouchers
  • Gas cards
  • Google play cards

Good drivers are rewarded!

What’s in it for you? Peace of mind, lower insurance, lower accident rate, etc.

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